Monday, 21 September 2015

Is Your Business Getting Enough Exposure Online?

The sad part about online exposure is that you are a grain of sand competing for attention on the beach, but a good online marketing company can make your campaign attention-grabbing. 

Is It Your Product, Reputation, or Marketing?

If you are getting lots of conversions, then you could probably say that your online marketing is working. However, if you are not getting conversions, then what is to blame? Do you have a bad reputation online? Is your product failing to live up to expectations? Is it your website? Your payment system? Or your online marketing?

Look For Other Key Indicators

Let’s say that you “appear” reasonably exposed on the Internet because you rank highly on the search engines and have a good level of social media support. Are there other factors you could take note of?

For example, if you are targeting a certain area such as Peterborough, are your conversions coming from that area? Is the bulk of your traffic coming from Toronto, or elsewhere? 

Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

Do you know where your traffic is coming from? If so, what does it tell you in broad terms? A lot of traffic from social media may indicate a good social media campaign, but may also indicate very little exposure on search engines. If your traffic is coming from a very small selection of websites, then you may need more exposure online. If you are getting traffic from one location but it is not converting, then you need to retarget your campaigns and take a long hard look at your campaign message and delivery method.

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