Monday, 20 July 2015

The Power of Twitter Marketing Today

Many online businesses have Twitter accounts where they post information about the business, such as announcements and deals. But Twitter can be so much more than that. In fact, Twitter marketing itself can be a powerful tool to gain insights about your business and promote it more effectively. Here’s how to make Twitter work for you:


It's important to figure out what hashtags relate to your business, and make your business's Twitter account active in those hashtags (by using them in each tweet, or appending them to the tweet). Try to avoid tagging less relevant tweets and irritating other users (or burying your own).

Activity and response

It's not too difficult or expensive to have someone manning your company's Twitter account as much as possible. That said, there's a balance to be struck with the number of tweets a business makes: too few and the account looks inactive or plain, and can't attract customers. Too many, and you run the risks of scaring away followers. In general, 3-4 tweets per day is a good amount for a corporate Twitter, depending on the number of responses made.

On that note, responding to customers and clients is an important part of Twitter marketing. Your "mentions" allow you to see who's talking to you and respond. Unless you retweet them, your mentions and responses won't be seen by your other followers, either. You can even track tags related to your business and respond there, in moderation!

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