Monday, 26 January 2015

Three Methods of Internet Advertising

So you’ve just made a stunning website: mobile responsive, graphically appealing, customer- friendly, showcasing a wonderful product you’re so eager for the world to see. All is set and perfect, yes? No. Customers can’t find the website by themselves. You have to employ proactive advertising, considering the voluminous number of sites made each day. Below are three methods you can use to drive traffic:

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is a targeted form of advertising. People search for your products and services based on relevant keyword phrases. You reduce expenses since the amount you pay is only dependent on the number of visitors that click your ad and actually visit your website. In short, you don’t pay for ineffective campaigns. The only challenge is converting them to leads or sales.

Banner Advertising

It’s like posting your banners (tarps) in high-traffic areas, only that it’s done on the web. You post a banner on popular, relevant websites that have catchy images and headlines. The banner serves as the link to your website. This offers a measurable cost per impression rate just like Pay per Click.

Social Media Advertising

A fundamental rule in advertising is to be present where the people are. Social media like Facebook is a big pool of prospects. Facebook’s advertising system allows you to narrow the number of people who can view your ad based on the demographics you specify, allowing you to spend money only for those who have higher conversion potential.

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